Hannah Kitchen

British Triathlete

Hannah Kitchen

British Triathlete

I’ve been using BetterYou products for years, I first came across them after a nutritionist recommended Magnesium flakes in the bath after we discovered I was deficient. These are still my favorite products! I regularly use the Vitamin B12 and Iron sprays, as well as Vitamin D especially during the winter in the UK. I love using the magnesium gel and spray on my legs after hard training sessions. I’ve learnt over the years that you can only train as hard as you recover, it’s so important. I regularly use the magnesium products to assist my recovery and it makes a huge difference.

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British Triathlete

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Magnesium Flakes


Hannah Kitchen has been competing at an elite level for Great Britain for the past five years and spends around 25 hours per week training including; swimming, cycling, running and in the gym. Hannah combines full-time triathlon training with working part-time as an Osteopath.

Triathlon has enabled Hannah to travel to a number of countries around the world, meeting fantastic people and athletes from all corners of the globe. She considers her best achievements to be winning Bronze at the British Championships in 2018 as well as Silver at the World Aquathlon Championships. Hannah completed 2018 ranked as number one in the World for Aquathlon.

Hannah qualified as an Osteopath in 2012, with a Masters in Osteopathy from Oxford Brookes University. She has been working in a private clinic in Surrey for the past four years and enjoys treating a range of different patients, combining her work and sporting careers has ensured to keep her busy!

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