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Pill-free magnesium, scientifically formulated to deliver maximum absorption – with minimum fuss, to help you feel and live better.

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Transdermal Magnesium

Our magnesium range provides a highly effective and convenient method of supplementing this vital mineral through the skin.

Together, we're working towards a better planet.

From removing plastic from our oceans to eradicating all traces of palm oil from our product range and supporting vulnerable mothers and babies to get the nutrients they need – we're constantly striving to be a business for environmental good.

Why choose BetterYou pill-free supplements

Easy and effective

We provide a fast, effective alternative for customers that struggle to swallow tablets. Easy to use, our products can be taken at any time, anywhere, making them a convenient delivery method for modern lifestyles.

Planet-friendly packaging

We pride ourselves on offering planet-friendly products – all palm oil derivative free and with 100% recyclable packaging.

Rapid delivery into the body

We’ve absorption tested our products since 2007 to guarantee the fastest and most effective route into the body.

Absorption tested

Each and every product is developed and formulated to overcome absorption challenges presented by traditional supplements with every batch absorption tested to guarantee their effectiveness.

Award winning formulations

We pride ourselves on creating effective, scientifically proven products that support our customers’ lifestyles and it’s incredibly rewarding to receive multiple industry and consumer accolades. Most notably the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2021, one of the most prestigious accolades in UK business.

Pioneering delivery methods

Each and every product is developed and formulated to overcome absorption challenges presented by traditional supplements.


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Best training recovery for me is a bath full of @betteryou_ltd magnesium flakes.


Rooted in science

Over the past 16 years we’ve developed a range of nutritional supplements in conjunction with biochemist Juan Rosello and the Pharmacy & Pharmacology team at Cardiff University, led by Dr Charles Heard. Our products have been designed to maximise nutrient delivery, for greater benefit.

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