Intra-oral Vitamin Absorption Evidence and Case Studies

A growing number of third-party trials are showing nutritional absorption via oral sprays to be over twice as effective as traditional tablet or capsules.

BetterYou are at the forefront of vitamin absorption research, here are just a few studies from the growing body of evidence that back up intraoral vitamin absorption.



Rate of change of circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D following sublingual and capsular vitamin D preparations

Key finding: A sublingual vitamin D spray is an effective mode of delivery for supplementation in a healthy population.

A head-to-head clinical trial carried out by the University of Sheffield, researching the efficacy of sublingual vitamin D sprays compared with traditional capsule preparations.

The study was conducted in healthy volunteers to compare the rate of change of vitamin D status in response to vitamin D3 (3000IU per day) dose, in both capsule and oral spray (sublingual) methods of delivery.


Analysis of the oral delivery of vitamin D3 from BetterYou DLux spray formulations

Key finding: Rapid and more consistent vitamin D delivery can be achieved through oral sprays compared to tablets.

An in vitro trial by Cardiff University, tested the delivery efficacy of BetterYou’s DLux3000 (Now D3000) vitamin D3 oral spray through the inside of the mouth. Absorption was then monitored after a 12-hour period. Researchers found that absorption within the mouth was far more superior to traditional digestive route of tablets and capsules. Dr Charles Heard, who lead the Cardiff University absorption trial, explains: “The ultra-fast uptake is due to the very absorbent tissue within the mouth and the close proximity of a rich vein network”



A randomized two way cross over study for comparison of absorption of vitamin D3 buccal spray and soft gelatin capsule formulation in healthy subjects and in patients with intestinal malabsorption

Key finding: Vitamin absorption via oral sprays is up to 2.6 times higher compared to soft gelatin capsules.

We conclude that the buccal spray formulation was able to increase mean serum vitamin D3 concentration significantly higher as compared to the soft gelatin capsule, in both healthy subjects (1.9 times) as well as in patients with intestinal malabsorption syndrome (2.6 times).


RCT looking into the effect of vitamin D supplementation using a BetterYou oral spray solution

Key finding: A high dose vitamin D oral spray can dramatically increase vitamin D levels and resolve deficiency in healthy athletes.

This random, double-blind placebo trial looked at how BetterYou DLux3000 (Now D3000) oral spray elevated the vitamin D levels of elite athletes compared to that of placebo. Researchers highlighted that the elite athletes that took part in the trial were previously deficient and DLux3000 vitamin D spray raised levels by 72% over a period of 12 weeks.


Vitamin D associates with improved quality of life in participants with irritable bowel syndrome

Key finding: Supplementation of vitamin D via BetterYou DLux oral sprays significantly improved symptoms of IBS sufferers

This trial investigated how vitamin D deficiency effects inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) and if supplementing vitamin D via an oral spray will improve symptoms. This was a randomized, double blind trial of BetterYou Dlux3000 (Now D3000) vitamin D oral spray versus an oral spray placebo, testing 51 patients. The study showed that 82% of the IBS patients were vitamin D deficient, with supplementation significantly improving vitamin D levels. The results then indicated that IBS sufferer’s quality of life may be increased with a higher vitamin D level.



BetterYou Pilot Study: An investigation to prove the effectiveness of DLux3000 after a 10 week period

Key finding: All participants raised their vitamin D levels, on average by 4.5 times within a 10 week period.

The pilot study focused on 25 participants who had vitamin D deficiency (under 50n/mol) and aimed to prove the rate of absorption of DLux3000 (Now D3000) oral sprays after a 10 week period. The findings show there was a significant increase in mean vitamin D levels from 29.8n/mol to 136.4n/mol, well within optimal levels for effective immunity. Proving BetterYou vitamin D oral sprays as an effective method to quickly boost vitamin D levels.