Magnesium's Role in Sleep

Magnesium's Role in Sleep

Discovering magnesium's role in sleep could be the difference between waking up tired and starting your day feeling refreshed. Whilst all of us sleep, many of us don't do it well. Having a peaceful night is vital for us, both physically and mentally. Having a good night's rest can help to boost your quality of life. If you struggle nodding off, delve into the role of magnesium in sleep to learn how you could aid your rest.

Magnesium is an important factor in how our body manages its sleep cycle.

Sleep has a significant impact on your health both physically and mentally. It helps us maintain a healthy weight and a good balance of hormones, as well as controlling sugar levels. For mental health, a great night’s sleep makes the brain work effectively. It helps us to learn, remember, solve problems and make decisions, as well as safeguarding against stress, mood swings and depression.

Sleep by Numbers

Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night.
2pm and 2am are the two different times of day where we naturally feel tired.
1 in 3 people in the US are affected by insomnia.

⅓ of our lives are spent sleeping.

How Magnesium Deficiency Impacts Sleep

It is well known that poor sleep can have a dramatic effect on our health, but what’s less well known is that a deficiency in magnesium can be one of the main factors affecting the quality of sleep we can achieve.

The body needs magnesium to maintain a state of rest and low levels can lead to restless muscles that can keep you awake at night. Magnesium also ensures the GABA receptors in our brain and nervous system are working efficiently. GABA receptors help the brain switch off in preparation.

A Nationwide Sleep Problem

If you have trouble nodding off, you’re not alone… According to the American Sleep Association an estimated 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder.

Magnesium: A Natural Aid to Better Sleep

Essential oils promote a restful night's sleep

Magnesium aids the relief of muscle tension and stiffness

Pure source and free from man-made pollutants

Dermatologically tested

Highly bioavailable magnesium chloride

Easy application for night-time relief

Achieve Better Sleep with Magnesium

BetterYou's Magnesium Sleep Lotion was tested on the 87-healthy people who identified as ‘struggling to sleep’ and were profiled using the NHS Sleep Assessment Questionnaire over five weeks.

Conditions assessed included: speed of falling asleep, number of sleep interruptions, ability to sleep through, how refreshed when waking, quality of mood during and concentration the day.

The results showed that a staggering 92% found benefit from using the sleep lotion in at least one of the above conditions with 70% saying that their overall quality of sleep was better after using the lotion.

*Trial by Sensory Dimensions, University of Reading, 2018

Download our ultimate sleep guide

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How magnesium supplements can help poor sleep

Find out more about how magnesium supplementation can help poor sleep.

Transdermal Magnesium's Role in Sleep

Build the following stages into your nightly routine to achieve the most benefit.

Wind down before bed

Relax in a magnesium-rich body or footbath with BetterYou Magnesium Flakes.

Pre-bed routine

Apply 2-3 sprays of BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Spray or Magnesium Sleep Lotion directly to shoulders or abdomen and massage in.

For night-time muscle relief

Apply Magnesium Sleep Lotion directly to problem area (often the calf or the feet) and massage in. Repeat as necessary.

Sleep Advice for Children

Sleep is a vital component in a child's development, both physically and mentally. A decent night sleep will help them perform better at school, learn more effectively while keeping their immune system healthy.

The most important piece of sleep advice for children is routine. By building a fixed routine, it acts as a prompt to the body and mind that it’s time to sleep soon and it should begin to wind down.

To do this, set aside time before bed to wind down properly. Take this opportunity to run them a bath, give them a relaxing massage with Magnesium Sleep Lotion Junior and read a book with them.

How Does Transdermal Magnesium Work for Sleep?

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