The Better Planet Project

From removing plastic from our oceans to eradicating all traces of palm oil from our product range to supporting vulnerable mothers and babies to get the nutrients they need...

Together, we're working towards a better planet.

Our impact so far


of CO2 removed from
the atmosphere


of ocean waste plastic


planted to support vital


"An award winning company with good work ethics. Very impressive range of products. A tree is planted upon every order you place which shows their commitment in contributing to the restoration of the forests around the globe. I love the plant-based plastic packaging solution that is 100% recyclable."


"I've heard some great things about your products, and I love how committed you are to do good things for the planet. Planting a tree for every order that is placed to reduce carbon emissions is an amazing and important effort. It's great how sustainable your packaging is and the Better Planet project is admirable. Keep up the good work!"


"It doesn't take any more than 2 seconds to see that you are a force for good, I mean just look at all those certifications! Well done. I am very happy to hear that you are recycling ocean waste into packaging, as our oceans need no more waste."

Plant based plastic

Looking towards a sustainable future, we use plant-based plastic, derived from sugarcane, in over half our product range. The production process of this plastic is carbon-negative, with more CO2 removed from the atmosphere during the growing period than is expended through its production and distribution.

Ocean waste plastic

We’re doing everything we can to help clean up our oceans to solve the ocean plastic crisis.

Products that are part of our Ocean Waste Plastic scheme have removed over 60 tonnes of plastic from our oceans and rivers so far.

One tree planted

Everyone should have the right to breathe clean air. To support the removal of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere, we’ve partnered with carbon-busting specialists Earthly to plant a tree for every order placed through our website and for every Air Defence® Oral Spray sold.

As a brand, we’ve always been against the use of palm oil in our products due to the destructive nature of its harvesting, its contribution to climate change and habitat destruction.

From planet to people

Helping disadvantaged families

We support Baby Basics by providing essential nutritional care packages for families in need across the UK. They are a volunteer led project aiming to support new mothers and families struggling to meet financial obligations and practicalities of looking after a new baby.

Supporting men's mental health

We are honoured to support, Mantality with their mission to de-stigmatise male mental health issues. They aspire men to become the most comprehensive version of themselves, addressing their mental health head on, building purpose, peace of mind and resilience.

Our commitment to fairer pay

The Living Wage accreditation underpins our continual commitment to creating a great working environment for our staff, ensuring they receive a fair day’s pay for their hard work is just one of the many benefits of being a BetterYou team member.

Supporting human endurance

We are committed to supporting key research that helps of the understand how recent and future environmental changes and how this impacts every single one of us. We also support the researchers to provide nutritional support to maintain optimal health to carry out the research.

Our partners and accreditations

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