Zechstein Magnesium: All You Need to Know

Zechstein magnesium is an ingredient we use in BetterYou magnesium supplements. This is the purest form of magnesium and so has many benefits when implemented into your daily routine. Our guide to Zechstein magnesium dives into all you need to know to start benefiting from this mineral today.

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What is Zechstein Magnesium?

Zechstein magnesium is a highly pure and natural form of magnesium. Buried under rocks and protected from modern contaminants, it is ideal for BetterYou’s magnesium supplements. This form of magnesium is named after the Zechstein Sea in which it was formed. The sea was an active ocean 250 million years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth in the Guadalupian and Lopingian eras. Beds of magnesium chloride were formed in the Zechstein by a process of sea water floods and very slow evaporation.

Today these beds stretch from the east coast of the UK to Poland. Containing enough Zechstein salt, also known as bischofite, to last humanity hundreds of years. Due to the natural protection Zechstein magnesium experiences, it is guaranteed pure, while Dead Sea Salts or Epsom Salts can be contaminated by pollutants that build up over time. Zechstein magnesium is extracted from depths between 1,500 - 2,000 metres.

Extracting Zechstein Magnesium

As Zechstein magnesium is buried beneath the Earth’s surface it has to be extracted for our use. This process is completed by a pipe that reaches down to the levels where Zechstein salt is, where water is pumped down and heated by the earth. This warmed water dissolves the Zechstein salt where it is then pumped back up to surface level by a second pipe where it can go on to be used.

8 Benefits of Zechstein Magnesium & Why We Use It

The benefits of magnesium are plentiful, and the Zechstein form offers further advantages.

  1. Pure magnesium form - Zechstein magnesium is uncontaminated by heavy metals such as mercury or lead, making it safe for use by humans.
  2. Restore magnesium levels - As a supplement it can help to restore your magnesium levels naturally.
  3. Helps muscles to relax - Magnesium aids muscle tension by supporting the process of them relaxing.
  4. Improved muscle recovery - Due to its muscle relaxing benefits, magnesium plays an essential role in sports, helping muscles to recover efficiently.
  5. Promotes quality sleep - Allowing you to relax, Zechstein magnesium can be used as a sleep supplement. Quieting the mind and muscles ready for a peaceful night.
  6. Boosts energy levels - Zechstein magnesium can help the body convert glucose into energy, making it an ideal energy supplement to boost your levels.
  7. Maintains heart health - Working together with calcium, magnesium supports a regular heartbeat.
  8. Easy to supplement - Zechstein magnesium can be applied topically to the skin, allowing for easy and efficient supplementation.

It’s these exceptional benefits of Zechstein magnesium that make it the best form to use in our supplements. The purity of this mineral, along with the advantages it can bring the body are exactly why it is the primary ingredient in our magnesium supplements.

3 Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

A magnesium deficiency can leave you feeling tired and fatigued. Here are the top signs to look out for:

  1. Poor Sleep - Magnesium plays an important role in sleep and so being deficient can leave you unable to fall asleep.
  2. Fatigue - In turn this mineral deficiency can lead to feeling fatigued and tired.
  3. Heart Palpitations - As supporting the heart is one of the most important benefits of Zechstein magnesium, a deficiency can lead to heart palpitations.

If you feel you are experiencing any kind of deficiency, you should consult with your medical practitioner.

Supplement Zechstein Magnesium with BetterYou

Due to its purity and many benefits, we use Zechstein magnesium within our mineral supplements. Our range of magnesium supplements comes in an array of forms, so you can find the perfect one for you.

  • Magnesium Oil - Magnesium oil sprays are our strong and pure form of Zechstein magnesium. 10 sprays of BetterYou’s Magnesium Oil Body Spray deliver 200mg of magnesium which is 57% of the recommended daily allowance. Apply directly to the skin to target specific muscle stiffness.
  • Magnesium Flakes - For those who enjoy relaxing before bed, magnesium bath flakes are the perfect choice. This form of Zechstein magnesium promotes relaxation and soothes aching muscles.
  • Magnesium Cream - Magnesium creams and lotions offer a blend of Zechstein and shea butter to not only relax muscles but to improve skin’s elasticity and softness too.
  • Magnesium Gel - Magnesium gels provide a targeted and regulated release of the mineral both during and after exercise.
  • Children’s Supplements - We also use Zechstein magnesium in our children’s supplements, helping your little one relax.

Zechstein Magnesium for Every Lifestyle

Everyone needs magnesium to sustain normal functions in the body, from sleep and energy, to muscle performance. As our Zechstein magnesium comes in topical form, it is included in our vegan supplements collections.

Those on their journey to become a parent can also benefit from Zechstein magnesium, especially when used as a pregnancy supplement. Helping to relax the body, this mineral could help to offer muscle relief during this wonderful time. You can also continue using it as a postnatal supplement and breastfeeding vitamin. You should consult your midwife before supplementing during pregnancy.

Innovative Supplementation with BetterYou

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